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The Special Guest

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Autori Steve Smallman
Nr pagini 24
ISBN 9781784930882
An aparitie 2016
Format 27.5 x 25
Tip coperta Paperback
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Now Only 19,99 lei
Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat
  • Termen de livrare: Maxim 10 zile lucratoare
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Zebra can hardly contain his excitement when he receives a dinner party invite from Lion - the king of the jungle!Elephant on the other hand is more sceptical about Lion\'s motives. She sets out to prevent Zebra from going to the party, but Zebra thinks Elephant is jealous because she hasn\'t been invited!Elephant tries to keep Zebra busy and in the meantime the invitation blows across the savanna... leading Porcupine and Rhino to believe it is addressed to them.Lion is less than impressed when the wrong guests arrive at his party. When clever Elephant disguises herself as Zebra, Lion also ends up very squashed and confesses all.Zebra is truly sorry for how he treated his friend Elephant and is grateful to her for saving his life.
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